Ministry of Makeshift
Bringing projects to life, resourcefully.

What kind of projects?

Projects for places we love! I work with clients in the US and Canada to engage, educate, and strengthen at the neighbourhood level.

Legacy Projects

Transforming your generosity into community projects with a real impact and no nonsense.

Knowledge Translation

Making complex issues approachable through word, photo, audio, and video.

Shared Space Design

Creating spaces that people connect to using quick, frugal, and beautiful installations.

Public Engagement

Building neighbourhood capacity, connection, and enthusiasm with custom engagement experiences.


A selection of projects I've worked on. Thank you to my coaches, team mates, professors, and clients over the years.

The Summer Institute

Full Service

Strong Towns Videos

Knowledge Translation

Welcome Home Vision

Legacy, Translation, Engagement

Places I Don't Want to Sit

Shared Space Design, Engagement, Translation

Another Place for Me


Vote Mobs



Where I'm coming from.

  • 2008-2011

    It all started with climate change

    I came of age at exactly the right time to be appropriately freaked out about climate change. So in my undergrad years at the University of Guelph, I took action by leading a national rally and organizing flash campaigns with the help and encouragement of my friends. I had to learn a lot on the fly, including online mobilizing, working with volunteers, PR, and basic web development. This is also when I discovered that I love making videos.

  • Summer 2011

    Introduction to entrepreneurship

    After years of activism, I was curious about positive citizenship in the for-profit world. I had the chance to learn by doing with The Next 36 entrepreneurship accelerator in Toronto. For a summer, I joined three co-founders to launch a startup while studying business. The experience taught me a lot about myself, about working on a team, about living in a big city, about power and responsibility, and about the challenges of starting a business.

  • 2012-2013

    Cities on the mind

    Despite all this excitement and newness, my mind was still locked on cities. After all, cities can either be a major problem or solution when it comes to a liveable planet. So I left the business in the hands of my co-founders and got back to the books. I interned at an urban studies think tank while researching and writing about the ways suburbs can reimagine themselves. I graduated from the University of Guelph as the 2012 Winegard Medalist and went on to the University of Cambridge to study policies and programs for places in decline. I wrote my thesis on commercial farming within cities and suburbs and graduated with distinction (MPhil Planning, Growth, and Regeneration).

  • September 2013 - Now

    Borderline action research

    Then I moved to a small city on the East Coast of Canada called Fredericton with a head full of questions. Much of the urban planning world is fixated on managing problems of success (think transit, height-limits, rent inflation). I'm most interested in problems of abandonment or stagnation that affect a ton of otherwise nice places across this continent. I've been learning through action and observation how homebuddies (good neighbours) transform a place. Writing about that process has connected me with city builders across North America, who I now consider my colleauges. Lately, I've been supporting small scale development projects that are rooted in community and strengthen a place. I help people who love their neighbourhoods to create new value, life, and connection through property development. Hence, "projects for places we love."

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